Lightning Feather

Art is Medicine


Donna is powered by nature, prayer and creativity. She loves integrating nature immersion with the medicine of play, art, sound, movement and meditation. She combines her artistic pursuits with her spiritual practices, creating powerful healing and transformative experiences for clients. Out of this inspiration, she offers Flower Child Holistic sessions, energetic clearings, sound healing and Medicinal Movement classes and retreats.

Working with Light


Donna is a lightworker, accessing and co-creating light, with the intention of bringing more truth, beauty and goodness to the world. She has worked intentionally in the field of Transcendental light science for more than a decade, as a student and practitioner of The Radiance Technique®. Her meditation practice with light supports her in bringing insight and awareness to her clients and students. Donna draws upon this practice in all of her endeavors at Lighting Feather Healing Arts.

The Art of Mothering


Becoming a mother was a powerful initiation for Donna, and she drew on her love of play, art, singing, spirituality and nature immersion in this endeavor. She was her son’s primary teacher as he was raised within a holistic educational paradigm, outside of the state system. This was a profound learning experience on many levels and brought her humility and wisdom. Flower Child Holistic is inspired by Donna’s son, Jonah who is her greatest teacher.

The Medicine of Movement


Donna practices the medicine of movement for her own well-being and harmony, utilizing conscious dance for self-expression and personal healing and growth. She is a long-term practitioner of Hatha Yoga and a newcomer to the world of parcours. As a shamanic dancer, she connects with nature and spirit by practicing in the desert, with the sky, the rocks and the wind as her teachers. She has deepened this practice over a lifetime and it is one of her essential personal medicines. Donna enjoys helping clients access their transpersonal selves in her Medicinal Movement classes and retreats.

Channeling the Spirit Through Music


Donna is a singer/songwriter from the hills and hollers of Kentucky’s river country. She began singing in her first grade play and developed her voice as a Waldorf early childhood educator and mother. She has used song, and in particular lullabies, to bring healing to children for decades. Donna enjoys channeling songs with transformative themes and putting poetry to music. Her sweet southern twang can be heard in the streets and cafés of Northern New Mexico.

Donna is also a ceremonial singer and a musical channel. She receives higher wisdom through clairaudience and creates healing music in conjunction with her use of The Radiance Technique®, a transcendental light science. She offers vocal sound healing in private sessions and group sound meditations.