Channeling and Mediumship

Bridge To Spirit


Donna is a clairaudient channel, tuning into the spirit realm on behalf of others. By accessing the transpersonal self and the spirits who long to assist human beings, she helps her clients realize aspects of themselves and their lives that need attention and change.  Breakthrough is the result.  

Donna enjoys helping clients get in touch with their relationship to spirit. She serves as a conduit for clients who need insight and clarity. She also enjoys teaching others about their natural gifts in this arena.

As a spiritual intermediary, Donna serves as a bridge to the metaphysical. Her seasoned practice of connecting and communicating with spirit, combined with her gifts in this domain are a powerful combination. This work can be life changing for the client because it brings access to wisdom that is in alignment with higher purpose.

Lightning Feather tunes into the metaphysical realm on behalf of the client and offers their intentions to the spirits of this realm. She communicates with spirit and retrieves information and insight that is needed in the present moment. These revelations can become the action that brings healing and transformation. This work is intended for individual expansion.

On behalf of the client, Lightning Feather tunes into the spirit sphere with the intention of contacting a specific ancestor, spirit guide or sacred other for assistance. She serves as a conduit, receiving their insights, bringing resolution and healing to the client. This work addresses family and generational matters.