Channeling the Spirit Through Music

Healing Through Sound


Donna is a singer/songwriter from the hills and hollers of Kentucky’s river country. She began singing in her first grade play and developed her voice as a Waldorf early childhood educator and mother. She has used song, and in particular lullabies, to bring healing to children for decades. She enjoys channeling songs with transformative themes and putting poetry to music. Donna’s sweet country twang can be heard in the streets and cafés of Colorado and Northern New Mexico.

Donna is also a ceremonial singer and a musical channel. She receives higher wisdom through clairaudience and creates healing music in conjunction with her use of The Radiance Technique®, a transcendental light science. Donna tunes into the group or individual and channels the music and the message meant for them. She inspires and brings healing to her clients with the radiance of sound and vibration. She offers vocal sound healing in private sessions and group sound meditations.