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Are you a homeschooling parent in need of support and counsel? Is your child not thriving in school? Have you been told that your child has a problem? Have they received a label? Are you trying to maintain harmony at home but are feeling frustrated and at a loss?

Donna Lightning Feather is an educational and child development specialist and an advocate for healthy and whole children and families. A professional in the field of education for more than 30 years, Donna is a trained Waldorf teacher and seasoned Forest educator, specializing in remedial/therapeutic education for the neurodivergent individual. A pioneer in education, Donna was the inaugural teacher and pedagogical leader in the launching of the Thrive Forest School in Louisville, Kentucky. She was also a pioneering teacher at The Waldorf School of Louisville. She has created numerous Waldorf-inspired nature programs and classes for children in cottage schools, playgroups, co-ops and nature preserves. She was a leader in creating nature immersion experiences in her homeschooling community.

Donna leans strongly on her own personal experience as a mother in her work with families. Her son, who is now 20, is a neuro-divergent individual with dyslexia. As a child, he was misunderstood and labeled by educational and medical professionals. Donna wanted a holistic and spiritual educational path for her son. Because his needs were beyond the realm of her educational and therapeutic community, she educated him at home. She went on to pioneer a bespoke, holistic educational approach for her son that included nature immersion, Waldorf educational philosophy, spirituality and therapeutic support.

Donna brings both expertise and compassion to her work with children and families. She combines her experience as a mother and educator with her intuitive healing gifts to serve children and families in need of support and transformation. Donna’s personal experience informs her unique perspective, which recognizes children as souls who have a purpose as well as a sacred unfolding process. Her studies in Anthroposophy, Buddhism and Matricentric philosophy provide a unique and refreshing perspective on children and family. Her gift is revealing the light and hope in challenging situations. As an advocate for children and families, Donna hopes to be of service to families in need of counsel and support.

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