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Spiritual counsel

Donna Lightning Feather is a powerful yet gentle guide and teacher for those seeking healing, transformation and insight about soul and spirit. She will create a sacred space where you can unfold, expand and breathe. She is an equanimous witness to your story and process of illumination. Her hope is that you become closer to your light, your true self and your purpose. Donna draws on the wisdom of several different healing modalities in her time with clients. She can be of service in an individual session in her Colorado office, or work with you virtually wherever you may be.

Healing with Light

Donna has been working in the field of Transcendental Light Science for over ten years. She is a student and practitioner of The Radiance Technique® and has studied to the level of 3A. She has a daily meditation practice of self healing and co-creating light. This practice assists her striving for wholeness and consciousness. Donna also works with the practices of “Healing with Spiritual Light” pioneered by Sandra Ingerman, one of her esteemed teachers. She can share this powerful energy generating practice with you in a hands-on session or virtually.

Sound Healing

Sound has been called the medicine of the future. Sound healing is the practice of using vocal or instrumental vibration in order to relax the mind and body, and treat various ailments. This modality brings wholeness and harmony, which sets the stage for healing. Donna takes joy in offering sound healing to clients in conjunction with her healing with light. She is a ceremonial singer and a musical seer. She is the keeper of myriad healing songs, sacred mantras and chants to assist you in your healing process. The combination of these modalities is peaceful and transformative. When you experience a light and sound session with Donna, you will come away feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and nurtured.

Shamanic Healing

Soul retrieval, a powerful branch of Shamanism, has been a tradition in indigenous cultures across the globe, stretching back to the dawn of humanity. We all experience trials and tribulations as humans, what is often called “trauma”. Any unfortunate experience can result in our losing a part of our true selves. Soul and psychological imbalances such as sadness, anxiety or a sense of separation or not belonging, can reveal soul loss. Soul retrieval can bring a significant breakthrough in one’s healing journey. When a shamanic practitioner performs a soul retrieval, they recover a person’s missing pieces. This restores a whole individual who is in touch with more aspects of the self. Life force, vitality and power are the result.

Donna’s love and reverence for nature led her to the study and practice of Shamanism, which is a foundation for her own healing and connection to spirit. She specializes in soul retrieval and Biographical Lightweaving. Her studies with Sandra Ingerman, the esteemed shamanic practitioner and teacher, inspired her to pursue this ancient religion. Her participation in ceremony, guided by gifted elders, brought to light her own abilities in this arena. After many years of practice, she went on to create Biographical Lightweaving, which is the shamanic practice of retrieving important, powerful yet discarded and shamed aspects of one’s biography. People often have stories in their lives that they have discarded and hidden away because they are painful or shameful. Unfortunately, hidden stories do not serve us and indeed can harm us as they molder in the shadow world of our psyches. The intention is to bring these stories out of hiding and to acknowledge and re-claim them. It is incredibly liberating to realize that one’s most challenging life event can be a source of mighty strength and power. Donna has an uncanny ability to swiftly find the place in someone’s life story that is calling out for expression. She then can assist the client in re-weaving that story in a truthful, empowering light. The result is the healing of the fragmentation of the soul and gaining a new perception of the self as more true, powerful and therefore, more whole and beautiful.

Ancestral Healing and Mediumship

Human beings can rely on the wisdom of ancestors for stability and guidance in life. Throughout history, people have nourished and sustained dynamic relationships with them. Unfortunately, this practice has been lost and diluted. Restoring and celebrating these individuals and relationships can bring strength and confidence in life. Healing occurs when we reach out in honor and respect to even those ancestors who we may want to keep at a distance. Restoring those connections can bring more wholeness and perspective as we are linked to our ancestors consciously willingly or not. People of old knew that keeping those relationships sacred was vital.

Lightning Feather is an intuitive medium who can communicate with ancestors. She can guide you in your journey of reconnecting and connecting with their gifts and your own. She can assist you in creating positive ancestral relationships and untangle deep-seeded unwanted family patterns and struggles. You can go on to embody the strengths and blessings of your people. You will then have ancestors at your side, guiding you and empowering you to shine your light into the world.

Sacred Feminine Guidance

Donna offers counsel to women in need of an alternative to the medicalization and objectification of being woman. She helps women get back to the basics of their sacred cycles and initiations. She inspires women to see themselves and their bodies as sacred space. Donna brings the mission of her Sacred Woman’s Truth Alliance to individual clients in need of a power up, reset or introduction to the sacredness of the feminine.

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